Friday, July 10, 2009

Shira Sela Prints

I am really loving this artist--her work reminds me of some of my favorite art deco illustrators such as Virginia Sterrett, Arthur Rackham, and my favorite, Kay Neilson.

This one is called "It's Going to Be Alright," and what I love about it is the incredible linework in the tree trunk, the "eye" in the middle of the trunk that looks like its watching over the little girl, and the fact that she is apparently very sweetly talking to her bear:

This one is called "Human Nature 2," and I love the trees, again, in this one. I also really like the composition of the blossoms, and I think the girls are vaguely creepy in a The Shining way.

This one is called "Free Spirit" and I like the movement of the composition, as well as the shadow behind the bird because it doesnt really match up with the bird's silouhette, so you are looking and wondering what is making the shadow.

And finally, I think I like this one the best because the colors are most vibrant. It has the great linework again on the trees, and the grass also has incredible detail. She looks like she is watching the sun rise, and it has a much happier ambiance than the others, I think. Look at that ink work in the hills--each type of grass is made with a different type of mark, but you don't really see it until you look very closely. Very effective.

I'm thinking the last three would make a pretty tryptich, but the one with the bird is the only one without the "lost in the woods" feel to it. Oh, and the best part--the prints are only $20.00 each and are totally original art!

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