Monday, July 13, 2009

13 Reasons why I Love Patterned Sofas:

(aka my reupholstery inspiration book)

This post is for all you naysayers out there who keep saying "go neutral and get patterned cushions. HOLLA!

(via O at Home)

(Ivanka Trump's living room)

(via Elle Decor)

(via Anthropologie)

(via Anthropologie)

(via house beautiful)

(via Revival Home and Garden)

(via The Nest Home Design Handbook)
(via Flor catalog)

Comments? Questions? Concerns? If anyone can come up with an argument for a solid sofa that has nothing to do with patterned throw pillows, then I will lend you my ear!

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dad said...

About every thirty years this happens. And then it goes away.