Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cyborg Choreography--Two Videos

The first one is "Hibi No Neiro" (Tone of everyday)by Sour
(Thanks JenSki for posting about this video!)

It reminds me of this one, from 2006, on treadmills called "Here it Goes Again" by Ok Go!

Why do I call it cyborg choreography? They are using their bodies and machines to come up with a totally new type of movement. LOVE it! They both also have this great characteristic that makes them appear like they were just thrown together on a home video camera. The choreography is so amazing and they both have this charming childlike quality, like the people are just playing rather than trying too hard.


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Mom H said...

Morning Charlotte! will try this again...You picked my choice for the stool and it looks great! I vote for your bathroom where you can enjoy your creation everyday.

Mud room - definately drawers under the stairs - all the odd ball shaped stuff can go there. You can box in the heat pump with louvered doors which will let air in and out or with wide spaced slatted fencing gates which can be opened for service.

I saw a set of shelves on TV which were high in a garage, but on a rail system - you could pull them down with a hook when you needed to get things. Think Brett could also devise a pulley system which would allow you to acces the high storage space for things like Chrismas decorations which are fairly lightweight and you don't use often. Put things in colorful containers and it would make the space bright and functional.

You want the wall as you come in to be the prettiest, so fun hooks and colors and very little clutter. Perhaps a narrow old bureau from a flea market to paint up and hide what you are storing, or funky old art deco storage cabinets which you could dress up. I think the open storage units you can buy would be less attractive as all the "stuff" would be exposed.

Some of the solid plant trays make excellent boot/shoe holders and keep shoes from being everywhere. A nice old narrow metal shelf right in front of the heat pump could be used to catch things as you first come in - purse, small bags etc. and be a place you put things you don't want to forget to tak with you the next morning.

Comment on the couch reupholstering - it cost us $1200to have ours done five years ago - but it was worht the investment as the couch is old and solid. Reupholstering is very hard on your wrists and hands, and highly frustrating to do -though you displayed good work with the details on the seat for the stool. I would go with a fairly neutral color or pattern and dress it up with pillows, which are much easier to change when you move, paint the walls etc. Ours is the dominant pattern in the room and is not as flexible as I would like - even though I still love the material.

That's it for now - I'll see if I can send it correctly this time....

XO Mom H