Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Artistic Lesson in Geography

I am loving these original Linoleum Block Prints by Emily Wick. You can buy single states mounted on wood blocks separately for $45 each, or you can buy the print of the entire US. I think its sort of a more sophisticated or polished version of the kitschy idea of putting a license plate on the wall from each state where you have lived. Plus I adore the idea that each one was handmade by the artist. You can get them at Two Eyeballs Galleries. I have no idea where we would put them (have I mentioned we have a grand total of TWO things hanging on our walls at this point?), but I think they would look great as a grouping on a large wall or maybe in a foyer. We would have to get:

I was born there;

Brett was born there;

I grew up in WV;

He grew up in VT;

We met in NC (I have to admit I like this motto a lot);

and finally we now live in VA!

Isn't it fun? And odd, as far as the actual mottos go. For instance, the Virginia Motto seems like an archaic form of "Damn the Man!" Wouldn't you agree?


Clarissa said...

I love those! I'm glad I'm not the only one plotting which to buy and where to hang them. :)

charlotteannette said...

This is a cool one that I found on 2 Modern Design Talk I like it because I think you can see more of the artist's hand in it, but its only this one instead of lots of states you can get separately