Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jacaranda Otami Textiles

These textiles from Jacaranda are amazing. I want to upholster my couch in one of them, like this one in royal blue, but I don't know if they are available in the yardage I would need.

It seems like they are made individually so I don't know if one would match the other in terms of dye color or in terms of pattern. I LOVE that they are handmade in Mexico by Otomi Indians, and I love that each one is different. Despite the fact that they are not available in yardage for upholstery, they are created especially for many different specific purposes such as table runners:

wall hangings:

and bed spreads:

LOOK at the vibrancy of that color. I want to know if they dye their own fabric, and who the people are that make these beautiful textiles. Its almost like the suzani trend, but I think fresher. You could get a bedspread of course, and make it into smaller things like pillows. What do you think about this fabric? Where would you put it in your house?


Peacock Feathers said...

I am dying for one of these in my bedroom!!

jd said...

does that come in Yellow?? Then that would be SCREAMING YELLOW BONKERS!!