Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ladies--help with hair dilemma please!

Alright, here are pictures of the hairdo's from last weekend. The curlier one is at Patti John's right after Carrie did it. Then the next one where its a little fluffier is like 6 hours later after I brushed it out. What do you think? also, mom thinks I should get it pulled up from my ears, not from my temples. Y'all have seen my hair both ways--which way is better? Also, should I get it highlighted to brighten it up again before the wedding, or do you agree with Carrie that darker hair looks better than light against a wedding dress? HELP MY HAIRS!! :-)

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Lesley said...

Are you going to have a tiara or a veil or anything else? I think the curlier one looks more formal, especially if you have something else pinned in it. I also think I agree with your mom to pull it up from the ears, and maybe you could have a side part with a sweep in the front, instead of the poof on top.