Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm Teaching an Art Class!

I am so excited to be able to teach my first art class this March! This is for reals on my bucket list. It is for all experience levels and we are going to be taking field trips, too! Here is the listing from the Richmond Visual Art Center website:

Like it says above, it is a 3-Saturday workshop where we will make nontraditional photo collages.  It is $170 for members and $185 for nonmembers if you sign up on the website, but (shhhh!) if you ask the art center they actually have a sliding scale for class prices.  Also keep your eye out because sometimes they have Groupons.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you live in Richmond sign up for this (Anne you are exempt because you will be giving birth!), because if the class doesn't fill up I don't get to teach it.  And that would be sad.

Here is an example of a landscape I did with the technique I will be teaching.  As you can see it is pretty large (each of those rectangles are 4x6 prints.)

Here is what it the technique looks like applied to something a bit smaller.

And here (hi Louise!) is an example of how it can be used as a way to take a portrait.  This one is actually digitally manipulated, unlike the other two.

Please let me know if you have any questions, because I would luuuuuuv to see you in my class this March!

Friday, December 9, 2011

THREE NEW MOTH PRINTS available on my Etsy Shop!

These three new handprinted woodblock prints are now available on my Etsy site!!  They are available individually or as a set of three, and each one is 6.5" x 6.5".

This one is called "Tiger's Eye Moth" because of the color and the 4 "eyes" on the moth's wings.

This one is called "Moth of Death," but most people who see it don't think of a skull but rather that it is wearing big sunglasses. There are actually only 4 of these available in green and the others are a grey/purple.

And finally this one is called "Setting Sun Moth" because I think it looks like it is slowly sinking into the waves below it.

 I spent a lot of time on these guys, carving the wood blocks by hand, then inking each one 20-24 times and smoothing the paper over the inked block.  I think they turned out great and I hope you will head over to Etsy and take a look!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

NEW PRINT available: The Bearded Man in the Woods

This is an 8 x 10 giclee print of an original graphite drawing entitled "The Bearded Man in the Woods" which is now available for purchase on my Etsy site. The original was drawn in 1999 and was published as the cover of the poetry magazine "Wood Wispers." Each print is numbered out of 30 and signed by me. The print will come unmatted and unframed but is a standard size and would look great with a black frame as pictured!
Here is a detail of the eyes...
I've got lots more to come, just in time for Christmas presents, so stay tuned...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tournament of Muppets!

The National Post has brought us MY KIND OF BRACKET...finally!

Brett and I already have tickets for the new movie! So excited!! I've gotta say I hope Beaker wins!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interior Sliding Barn Doors

via Barbara Bestor

My mom is redoing our family's midcentury farmhouse, and she wants to use sliding barn door hardware to cover two large glass doors in the den. So this collection is for you, Mom!

These feel Japanese to me, like they belong in a tea house or sauna.

via Sunset

This one is actually made with reclaimed wine barrels! Check out Cliff Spencer's website for his other beautiful doors.

Pretty reclaimed boards are the focus here with the natural tones and white decor:

via Design Sponge

Love this black and white one. Especially since the black doors are distressed and textural.

This black, ultra shiny one is super modern:

Bright yellow with a classic shape and design:

Your Home Only Better via Southern Living

Very classic, industrial farmhouse chic:

Your Home Only Better via HouseBeautiful

This one is kind of eclectic, like a crazy quilt!

I don't love the blue in this one, but I like Killer B's tutorial and it looks super easy to make with 1x2's from your local home improvement store:

I loooove this patterned door in the kelly green color with the exposed beams:

Kelly and Olive via

I think this one is my favorite. It is painted yellow, I believe, but I like the natural ochre effect with the dark hardware.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

If I had a million dollars...

I would buy you a nice reliant automobile, or a monkey. AND THESE things for me...

Kate Spade Trench

White House Black Market shoes and bag

Anthropologie Skirt

Anthropologie cloche hat

Anthropologie dress

1. Rachel Roy Teal Booties 2. Knit Heeled MukLuks

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Browsing at These Four Walls

Brett and I were in Shockoe Bottom the other day (for you non-Richmonders, downtown at the bottom of the hill near the river), and we decided to stop in this amazing store called These Four Walls.

Their website describes the locally-owned store as "an eclectic assortment of hand-selected furniture, accessories, and gifts from around the world. We focus on handmade, one-of-kind finds that we'd be proud to have in our own home." They weren't kidding. B and I LOVED it! It was definitely out of our price range without some major planning, but the things they had were so unique and wonderful we couldn't resist taking some phone photos and sharing this local gem with you.

This table and chair set was the first thing that caught my eye. We have a similar rough looking farmhouse style table in our dining room, but I don't love our chairs. (Of course our dining room table is not an environmentally friendly salvaged wood plank, but it is old and repurposed so I consider that environmentally friendly.) I thought these were the Ghost chairs, but apparently they are made of recycled bottles!! I am on the lookout for new chairs for our dining room and these had me at hello.

Sorry about the quality of this photo. This is my husband next to a gigantic sheet metal moose. They also had a brontosaurus or giraffe or something. Hilarious. Not Beyonce, but still fab! More fab, I would venture.

I loved this painting of a mossy tree that almost heads into the realm of abstraction. I have a solo show coming up in about a year, and I hope to paint some willow branches and bark paintings with a similar effect. Inspiring!

This coffee table on wheels is made of a salvaged bowling alley. So shiny. So pretty. And you don't even have to change your shoes to enjoy it. Nuff said.

And last but not least, I LOVED this white feather Christmas tree. Enough that I might go back for it!

Long story short, this is going to be one of our go-to places for when we decide to make an investment in a peice of furniture the next time. If you come to Richmond, I would LOVE to take you there for some window shopping!