Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paulus Woodworking on Etsy

This man's woodworking is so creative, I would LOVE to have one of his tables! I think the movement of the curved wood and the lines echoed on the tops are so inspirational. Who knew looking at an end table or console could actually energize you? This one is my favorite because I love the way the dark wood looks against the white background, but if your home has dark jewel tones or vibrant walls, the light one below would be equally stunning.

He currently has seven pieces available for sale on his Etsy site. They are not cheap, but is any original artwork worth buying? Take a look at the collection!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chris Guillebeau's "How to Be Unremarkably Average"

As you probably already know if you read my last post, I am looking for inspiration. Well I found it in the form of this article entitled "How to Be Unremarkably Average" by Chris Guillebeau.

I love it, I want to laminate it and put it on my bathroom mirror, I want to illustrate it, and I want to make a huge beautiful poster of it, and I want to make it into postcards to spread the word to everyone! Seriously. Read it! (And the rest of his blog which is inspirational as well.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unplugging My Mixed Metaphors

Via Picasa

I know my posts have been less frequent lately...I have just had a lot on my mind, personal stuff. Don't worry, I'll pickup the pace soon! Sometimes you've just gotta unplug for a bit to let your creativity build up steam. Yes, I just mixed metaphors--that should prove my point!

Anyhow, stay tuned.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let the Sun Shine In

If you worked under this desk lamp, wouldn't you just feel like you had your own private sun shining down on you? I would!

This is a 1950s yellow enameled metal lamp by Louis Kalff. For the bargain price of $3,800.

Has anyone seen something like this, but more in the average person's price range? I love the open disc shape that curves around the light bulb.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

DIY: Old Purse Updated with Bamboo Handle

I've had this macrame purse for years, and I love it. Its totally my hippy dippy side coming out--I wore it to Rusted Root this summer! However, me being a small person, the strap has always been too long. This is what has kept me from wearing it more often during our approximately 10 years together.

I was at a cafe the other day and saw a woman with a totally chic version of my fringy hippy purse, and it had SHORTER HANDLES! Before I could ask her where she got it, she had disappeared into the street and I was left feeling sad. Then I started seeing purses like this everywhere:Lilly PulitzerKate Spade

I figured if it was good enough for Kate and Lilly, it was good enough for me! I ordered these bamboo rings off of the internet, and then started brainstorming how to incorporate them into my purse. I couldn't find any as large and chic as the mystery woman's, but these did nicely!

At first I thought I could kind of weave them into the macrame, but I ended up having to cut the handles--warning, these things have a metal post on the inside! I started looking at the purse and realized there are these handy holes at the end of the zipper on each side.

Not being one who burns bridges, I decided to stuff the old, long handle into the space between the macrame and the lining so I could take it out later if incredibly long purse handles come in style. No kidding folks, this thing practically hits my knees!
Once I got most of it stuffed inside, I sewed the leftover part to the edge so it would stay in place and look like a decorative detail.
Strap?? What strap? I don't see a strap!I slid one end of the bamboo ring into the hole where I stuffed the strap, then turned it until the sawed part was on top again. I only used one of the rings. Then I got out some wood glue and clamped the ring back together. When I spun it around so the cut section was inside the purse, no one is the wiser!

The finished product...much better!
Has anyone else played with these bamboo rings? They are pretty cheap and bamboo is so eco chic right now that I can imagine using them all over the place, especially in the house.

I got it!

So that Henna-tastic rug I couldn't afford? I found it at our local West Elm in a size 5x8 rather than the more expensive 8x10 online. AND it was on sale too, for $130 down from $299...but I got it for $100 because it was the floor model!

<3 <3 <3 <3

Now the only question is where to put the art studio for inspiration, in the living room because we currently have nekked hardwood floors there, or in the bedroom to match the new green and brown duvet cover I scored at Marshalls? Photos to follow!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Rug is Henna-tastic

Someone please buy me this Hamsah Hand Rug from West Elm! Its so wonderful and would provide much inspiration in my new art studio! OMG I want it so bad, and its reduced from $499.00 to $249.00.

Is this going to be like the nesting tables? If I don't get this will I regret it for years? I wish West Elm had layaway...

I need a new laptop

I need a new laptop people!

The market out there is pretty overwhelming. I don't want one that is really expensive (preferably significantly under 1K), but I don't want some dainty little thing with no memory or capabilities. I plan to use it primarily for word processing, photoshop, music, etc.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CookieCakePie--is it a yay or nay?

I recently stumbled across a recipe for this devil: CookieCakePie (one word, ya'll)

Head over to Cake Spy for more details and pictures, but here is the gist:

1. A batch of cookie dough
2. A single batch of Rainbow Chip cake batter (or other flavor of your choice)
3. A single pie crust
4. Enough frosting for a birthday cake

1. Prepare one batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. Leave this in the fridge or to the side while you prepare the rest.
2. Prepare a single pie crust and place into a pie plate.
3. Place the cookie dough inside of the pie crust and using your fingers or a spoon, spread it so that it evenly coats the bottom of the crust about one inch thick.
4. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.
5. Let the cookie-filled pie crust rest for a bit while you mix up some birthday cake.
6. Pour cake batter directly on top of the cookie dough til the pie crust is about 2/3 filled. The cake will rise, so you want to leave room for it.
7. Bake for 25-40 minutes or until cake is golden around the edges.
8. Let cool, and frost generously with buttercream frosting
9. Garnish as desired; sprinkles are festive and pretty.

So what do you think people??? Has anyone made this thing? Is it a yay (oh my gosh my tastebuds are even drooling) or a nay (what a god-awful fat taste abomination)?? I think I have a little bit of each in me---but the NAY wins out because i kind of just want to eat the cookie dough and cake batter raw and not mix them together!

Now the only thing they need to add to this is a brownie...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September To-Do List

I have decided to make my "To-Do" list entry from August and the follow up post monthly regulars. So here it is for September!

1. Make More Art--I was inspired last month to put together a new space for my art, so now I want to use it!

2. Finish reupholstering those chairs from last month!

3. MUDROOM: Pick out a paint color plan for the walls of the mudroom--I am going with blue but not sure which one yet

4. MUDROOM: Paint the walls and stairs

5. Drop by Ikea for some photo frames when I head up to DC this weekend, and check out all of their new stuff

6. Upholster and paint random bench/stool from last month

7. Restore Fruit Grower's table from last month


9. Pick up some pretty mums for my front stoop

This summer has been hectic...and there are only so many more warm days to relish...sigh

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Hang an Eclectic Gallery-Style Photo Display

In preparation for our summery housewarming party, Brett and I had to actually unpack some boxes we still had laying around. Among the things in those boxes were many framed photos of friends and family. We don't have enough room in the house to sit these all out on tables, etc, so we decided to hang them on the wall. In a perfect Pottery Barn world, all of the frames would match and we would look OH SO PUT-TOGETHER, but this isn't a perfect world people!! We have a motley collection of frames to deal with!

Here is our collection of mismatched frames, just out of the moving box:

The first step to making an eclectic arrangement is to trace each and every one of your frames and indicate on the paper whether you want the frame to be hung horizontally or vertically. Then cut each one out. I used some tissue paper I had laying around, but old paper grocery bags would world equally well.

Then tape the traced images up on the wall.

This is the fun part people! You can try as many things out as you want, take photos of your favorites, and then pick which one you like best. One tip is to try to stay inside one large shape or pattern. For instance, imagine a very large rectangle or square on the wall and make sure you stay within those boundaries. That will help your arrangement look cohesive and avoid the haphazard approach.

This is what I ended up with.

Then ask your tall and long-armed hubby to put the pictures up in place of the traced pieces of paper!

Thank you long-armed hubby!

The finished product!

Do any of you have an eclectic display like ours? What about any perfect pottery barn ones? Please share!