My Day Zero Project

Here is my Day Zero Project, or 101 Things in 1001 Days.

They are supposed to be finished by February 15, 2010.

Start your own list, and make sure that your goals are specific, measurable, and will help you keep sight of the type of person you want to be!

1.Be credit-card debt free
2.Get a financial planner
3.Sew/get covers for all of my outdoor furniture
4.Join or start a Book Club
5.Join an art street team
6.Sell an original painting or piece of art
7.Visit the new VMFA
8.Purge my closet of every single item of clothing that I don't love or wear frequently
9.Exercise every day for a week, purposefully
10.Sell a house portrait that is not for a friend
11.Make house portraits for 5 friends
12.Invest in the stock market
14.Have large scale prints made for at least 2 paintings
15.Get a real artist's website for my portfolio
16.Make a photobook for my honeymoon
17.Make a photobook for my bridal shower
18.Make a photobook for my Bachelorette Party
19.Mail all cards 5-7 days before birthdays for a year
20.Set up automatic deductions for my Roth IRA
21.Create a business plan and budget for Bright as Yellow 22.Complete the Artists Way
23.Make an inspiration board
24.Collect and organize inspiring art images
25.Blog at least 12 posts for a month
26.Buy a DSLR camera
27.Organize all random paperwork in filing cabinet or recyle
28.Visit 5 Churches to try to find one to attend regularly and become involved in
29.Renovate our mudroom
30.Build two lounge chairs from scratch
31.Teach an art class
32.Display art publicly
33.Upholster new cushions for porch daybed
34.Get law school diplomas and bar admission certificates framed
35.See a performance at Firehouse Theatre
36.Read three biographies/nonfiction memoirs
37..Go to the Maine Lobster Festival
38.Volunteer 4 times
39.Participate in Habitat for Humanity at least twice
40.Go skiing at least once
41.Go hiking 8 times
42.Participate in 4 weekend art workshops (2/4)
43.Crochet a pillow cover
44.Knit two baby blankets to donate to Project Linus
45.See a drive-in movie
46.Complete a Bikram Yoga Challenge
47.Photograph and document furniture for insurance purposes and keep in fireproof safe
48.Do pro bono legal work for domestic violence victims 49.Complete a 365 day photo challenge
50.Watch all Alfred Hitchcock Movies
51.Improve my posture
52.Try acupuncture
53.Ride my bike to work and back
54.Visit the Grand Canyon
55.Have a Solo Exhibit of my art
56.See a performance at the Kennedy Center
57.Visit the Museum of Modern Art
58.Visit the Guggenheim
59.Take part in NaNoWriMo
60.Make a Kiva micro loan
61.Read Anna Karenina
62.Go rafting on the James
63.Take a pole dancing class
64.Take a belly dancing class
65.Go swimming with dolphins
66.Finish my "subway sign" inspirational art piece
67.Add terrace walls to the backyard
68.Take high quality portfolio photos of sculptures and handmade books
69.Knit and send teddy bear for Teddies for Tradgedies
70.Build bookshelves for entire wall of house and organize books there
71.Attend a quaker meeting
72.Build a patio in the backyard
73.Make a wedding shadow box
74.Get artist business cards
75.Learn how to mat and frame my own art
76.Rent wall space at an artists coop
77.Participate in an art fair
78.Shop at Forest Hill Farmer's Market
79.Take an education class
80.Fill my gratitude journal
81.Learn to meditate
82.Visit Key West
83.Write and illustrate a children's book
84.Make a meal entirely from my garden
85.Make whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread from scratch
86.Visit Mesa Verde National Park
87.Visit the Georgia O'Keefe Museum, House and Garden in New Mexico
88.Go on an Art Retreat
89.Finish Tshirt quilt with shirts from college
90.Hang Capiz Shell Chandelier in Guest Room
91.Adopt two rescue dogs
92.Meet someone in person I have made friends with on the internet
93.Find out publication schedule and send article to a magazine
94..Go to the Brooklyn Flea
95.Crunch numbers to see how we can become a one income family
96.Make some art friends
97.Complete painting with only a palette knife
98.Read Wuthering Heights
99.Empty leftover boxes from move
100..Write a list of 101 things I have already acheived
101.Be a vegan for a week