Monday, May 12, 2008

Dreary Monday

Well, its a dreary day here. Wish I were in bed under the covers... I started reading Eccentric Glamour again last night after putting it down for a week or so--its so funny!

I finished The Fifth Horseman yesterday and it was good. I love Lt. Lindsay Boxer--she is such a badass. I also love that Angie Harmon plays her on the show, what fantastic casting!

Last night 2 tornadoes touched down about 20 miles from here in north carolina, and I am SO SCARED of them!! Especially since that one a week or two ago in Suffolk that caused all that damage--it was like 10 miles away. I want to move back to the mountains where we don't ever have tornados. Brett and I were just getting ready to eat dinner (he made delicious ground beef stuffed eggplant mmmmmm) and all of a sudden it was like we couldn't see out our windows and the building started creaking and the wind was whistling--SO SCARY!! So naturally I chugged my wine and put on Spanglish so I could pretend I was in a happy place.

Mom really liked her mother's day present, yay! She actually didn't try to give it back to me this time, so I consider it a success!

So far we have about 30 RSVP yesses and 5 nos for the wedding. I definitely had nightmares last night that I overslept on the day of the wedding and was late and everyone was mad at me. I can't believe how soon it is coming up, yikes! It seems like since we got engaged it has always been like I could just keep flipping the pages of the calendar forever. AND NOW I JUST HAVE TO FLIP ONE PAGE!! I am going to be so nervous. I know its supposed to be my day, etc, but I really just want everyone to have a good time and not screw up! We are trying to find someone to help us prepare for our first dance too. Here is the email i just sent to a studio in the area:

Brett and I are getting married July 5th, and we both have 2 left feet!! Can you help us learn a basic waltz so that we won't embarass ourselves? We would like to have a few private lessons and maybe have you help us practice and pick out a good song to dance to. Please let me know!
Thank you,

lol pathetic right?

Jen, thanks so much for hanging out on Saturday night! I had so much fun playing taboo with you and maciek and getting tipsy. :-) I can't wait to move back to Richmond!

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