Friday, August 7, 2009

Decorative and Painted Stairs

(Chris Shepherd via Blab Pictures)

Brett and I are planning to add risers to our mudroom stairs this weekend. That got me thinking about how to finish them! The treads are pretty broke-down, so leaving them as-is is not an option, nor is staining them. That leaves PAINT!!! I am going to start with an oil-based primer, and then who knows??

I thought I would sign off for the weekend with this fabulous round-up of painted stairs inspiration!! Enjoy, and let me know if you think any of them are good jumping-off points for our mudroom!

(Via Apartment Therapy)

(Via Domino)
(Via Martha Stewart)

(Malene B. via Jubella)

(via DecorPad)

(via TheHayStackNeedle)

(Via MyItchyFingers)

(Via Gaia Community)
(Via Coastal Living)

(Via GDLaneInteriors)

(From Domino via OhDeeDoh)

(Via Old House Web)

(Via Apartment Therapy)

(Via DesignersBlock) Obviously, This one is my favorite!

Via Country Home (Another magazine casualty of this economy)

(Via Vintagecate)

(Via Elaine Juzwick) Obviously I wouldn't write about pirates, I just like the idea of words in a pretty typestyle...or...wait a minute...I DO like shiny things and rum...

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dee said...

How neat! I really like the multi-colored ones, though it wouldn't work in our home. Would love to see what you end up doing. Good luck!!