Friday, June 13, 2008

How Enchanting

So Brett is out of town this weekend for his bachelor party at Lake Anna. He is currently finishing up a golf game and getting ready to grill obscene amounts of meat covered in beer, i would guess! I have the weekend to myself, and I'm not really that happy about it because I don't have many girlfriends in Norfolk. I do really really want to try to see Sex in the City this weekend though, sinceBrett outright refuses to see that. As a matter of fact, he leaves the room if its on TV!

Last night I went over to Jessie's house to watch Enchanted with a few other girls and it was so cute! I actually wasn't expecting it to be good at all, but if you are someone who grew up watching Disney movies, its kind of fun to watch for all of the references to the old Princess movies. Giselle is like Belle, Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, and Snow White all rolled into one, and Susan Sarandon makes a great evil queen. And McDreamy is super cute because he plays a devoted single dad. It also made me realize that I will pretty much suspend my disbelief at the drop of a hat for a cartoon, but in a live action movie, its a bit harder! I was like--ok, so she breaks into song in the park, i can believe that, but where did those 8 brides come frome dressed identically who are dancing with her??

Anyway, its been a long week. Last weekend I went up to DC to help Louise and Mason get their new place ready for them to move in. Mason, Louise, Brett, and I painted and primed all day long saturday, then we went to this really cool Moroccan restaurant called Marrkech. They do a 7 course meal where they wash your hands in between each course and you have to eat with your hands. You sit on these pillow lounger thingys and eat off low tables family style. There was a belly dancer there that was TRULY inspirational. She was so beautiful, like Naomi Campbell style, and had the coordination to move her hips in impossible ways while balancing a sword on her head. Sheesh. It was so cool--Thanks again for the birthday dinner Louise and Laura! Louise, put your pictures up on ofoto so I can put one on here!

Then Brett and I came back to Norfolk on Sunday, only for me to head back to Richmond on Wednesday to take my second deposition EVER. It went really well except for the opposing counsel asking me if I was a virgin bride. On the record. I was like "what an inappropriate question." and he was like "er um I meant, is this your first deposition ever." I was pretty proud that didn't fluster me, but still--why would he think he could say that, especially to someone he doesn't know and in a professional setting. GRR...

But after the deposition I got to have dinner with Jen and Shannon at our old law school haunt Mexico! We caught up and had margaritas before I headed back to Norfolk and watched my odometer roll over to 50,000 miles. Happy birthday Jetta! I can't wait until Brett and I get to settle in Richmond.

I can't wait until Nag's Head next weekend! Beach Yoga, tiki drinks...ahhhhhhh!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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