Thursday, June 5, 2008

Amusing and embarassing karma

Hey everyone! I have a story that happened to me this morning that yall will most likely find silly. I'm convinced this is karma kicking my butt for making fun of Ashley for splitting her pants! (LOL)

I bought a new suit a few weeks ago, and the pants were too big. I don't have a tailor here in Norfolk that I know, so I just went to one about a block from my office because it was convenient. She took the pants in, and I picked them up yesterday. I tried them on this morning, and they fit beautifully--so I wore the suit to work and didn't even think twice.

At about 10 this morning I decided to run to the mall, which is right next door to my office, to return a shirt to NY&Co. I'm walking through the mall, and this guy comes up to me, and he is like "do you mind if I say something to you?" (dude, what a waste of air and words, you just DID say something) I said, "ok, go ahead." (the anticipation!) Then he comes out with, "You have a really great ass, but there is a big hole in the back of your pants."



Yeah, it was like 2 inches right on the back seam. AWESOME! So on the way back from the mall, i visited the tailor again. It was so funny because she was like OH MY GOSH IM SO SORRY TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF RIGHT NOW!!!



p.s. Thanks to everyone for the hair advice!

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Ashley said...




Ok- can't stop laughing- that's a great story!

PS- you are really a great writer- I think you could be the next
Carrie Bradshaw!

PPS- LOVED the rehearsal dinner invite!