Monday, August 29, 2011

Hanging Plate Wall

You may remember this post I did a while ago for my friend Meghan who wanted to do a hanging plate wall in her dining room. Well we finally did it!

First we went in search of an instant plate collection: enter Love of Jesus Thrift Store. Its really the largest thrift store in the area, especially if you want home goods or furniture. Plus it has an awesome name!

Meghan's wall is a really intense color, so we decided on a collection of white plates in different textures, shapes, and designs. Below you can see the ridiculous amount of plates to choose from. (btw you can also have an instant collection of brass candlesticks, baskets, bells, and other randomness if you so desire.)

Here is a smiling Meghan with some of her bounty:

Then we went back to her place and traced the plates onto paper so we could see how the various sizes and shapes would look together on the wall without making a million holes in her honest-to-god real plaster walls. This is just one of the design ideas we played with.

She ended up going with a more traditional and symmetrical pattern, but it still has tons of visual interest thanks to the variety of plates. It also really brings out the bright white trim around the room.

I think it looks really fabulous! Thanks for letting me play at your house Meghan!! (On another note we are soon to start a baby mural for her baby due in October!)

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Rachel said...

That's cute you can place pictures too. Brilliant idea!