Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot Weekend in Brooklyn

A toasty (100 degrees plus) weekend in Brooklyn, in pictures...

I loved all of the beautiful ironwork on the brownstones.

Brett looking REALLY thrilled to be drinking iced coffee and heading to the Brooklyn Flea. I was thrilled for reals.

The following are things I would have brought home, if I were not taking the subway and the train back to Virginia:

One gigantic metal squirrel. LOVE. We toyed with the idea of this being a weathervane, but decided it did not have the cardinal directions on it so it must just be a giant metal squirrel.

Prettiest old window ever. I would have put screen on the back and used it to display my earrings. OR just hung it somewhere as decoration on a wall.

I took this picture because of the HUGE sawblade, which is amazing. But on reflection, that old phone is pretty cool too.

What I actualy did bring home was 2 "Giant African Porcupine Quills" for my hair of course. And in case I needed a weapon.

Then we had ridiculus Venezuelan food at Caracas Arepas in Williamsburg. Yes we went all the way over there just for this restaurant and yes it was worth it.

Frankly I was a little bit afraid that Brett was going to leave me for whoever made these little balls of heaven: yo-yos. They are fried dough balls with fried plantains and cheese in them. Then you dunk them in molassas. Mmmmm and I had fresh watermelon juice.

This baby is an arepa. They are shells of polena (or cornmeal, or whatever you want to call it) around delicious fillings. Mine was avacado, white cheese, and plantain. Brett's was pork. The sauce on the side was some kind of guava sauce that tasted like a cross between a curry, a mustard, and a chutney. And just for shits and giggles, here is a shot of the sidewalk bathtub flowerbeds. :-D

Have a great Sunday! Tomorrow we are off to Maine...

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Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

OhmyGOSH am I mad at you. I live BLOCKS from the Brooklyn Flea and could've met ya in a flash. Tears and sadness. You *better* let me know when you come to my neck of the woods again, lady! 'Cause you will, right? (I know the Flea is addictive) ;)