Friday, May 20, 2011

Ongoing Projects

It has been brought to my attention that some people don't have dozens of projects going on at once. I think it's normal, right!? Some of them are AAAALLLLMOST DONE...and I would like to get this list down to half of its current size before B and I embark on doing wall-to-wall bookshelves in our living room! GOAL identified...GO!

Here is what I currently have going on--these are all projects that have been started in one way or another, and not yet finished:

1. Replace overhead fixture in art/spare room. (Status--capiz shell chandelier bought and in closet. Closet also contains several light hardware pieces that *may* allow me to attach it to our ceiling...)

2. Finish painting art/spare room. (Status--everything is painted, I just have to use the magic solvent goop to get the paint off my hardware and window panes)

3. Finish painting guest room. (Status--trim and windows are painted, but I still need to paint the walls)

4. Add homemade diffuser to bottom of drum shade a la here. (status: I ripped up an old sheet to use for the fabric, but haven't taken down the shade yet.)

5. Sew cute dog crate cover (status--have bought 2 yards of fabric and draped it over the dog crate. I might need to buy another yard.)

6. Sew waterproof covers for outdoor furniture (status--have bought a bolt of awning fabric and drawn out patter plans in notebook)

7. Make unflattering Forever 21 dress into pretty skirt (status--have made skirt but must still transfer beads formerly on collar onto hem. does anyone know how to bead by hand?)

8. Make blanket for project linus (status--all knit squares are crocheted together but still must make border and actually mail it)

9. Make chocolate brown crocheted pillow cover I blogged about (the back side is knitted but I haven't even finished crocheting one square for the front)

10. Turn all of my stretchy crew neck gap tshirts into Vnecks because they are more flattering (4/8 done)

11. Totally redo shoe storage (done except for taking old shoe racks to goodwill and buying one last shelf from ikea because i counted wrong)

12. Revamp weird hexagonal lamp/table from For the Love of Jesus Thrift (have sanded, primed and painted it dark gray, and have purchased plain lampshade and new fabric. Must still coat with poly, put back together, and cover lampshade with fabric)

13. Buy new knobs for my bathroom (I painted 5 out of 6 of them white and then lost the 6th one. oops)

14. Turn huge candle from TJ Maxx into pretty wooden fruit bowl (I have put it in the freezer to make it easier to remove the wax and dumped out the candle--but now there is leftover wax on it and it is just living in our freezer)

15. Revamp necklace storage (have bought huge corkboard and frame but have not yet transferred necklaces or hung it on the wall)

16. Make wedding shadowbox (have gathered wedding programs, invitations, and other souvenirs but not bought shadowbox)

17. Restore antique pew (I have bought marine grade varnish and my dad has made a replacement arm rest. oh and i also poured nasty stuff over where one side was rotting to make it stop. But I haven't painted the replacement arm, attached it, or actually varnished the thing.)

18. Get freestanding Ikea Pax pantry for laundry room (We did this, and have put it together and filled it with stuff. BUT I still need to attach the handle on the door.)

19. Replace hideous kitchen cabinet hardware (I did this yesterday on the cabinets, but still have to drill holes on one drawer to put on the last drawer pull)

20. Attach legs to 2 storage ottomans to fit under our trestle table/tv stand (I bought the legs, stained them, and attached them to the ottomans--but I still have the casters I bought in a drawer and have not yet put them on.)

21. Add magnetic closure to antique vanity drawer that keeps falling open (bought magnets, have not yet attached them)

22. Reupholster vanity bench (have reupholstered it, but have not yet covered the staples with trim that I bought)

23. Make subway art (I have put together the wood base and had the words enlarged. I have bought the vinyl. I have not so much done anything else...)

24. Turn large body painting into tryptich. (I have the huuuge canvas, but I need to make 3 frames for it and cut it into pieces so we can hang it somewhere!

25. Turn brass sections of Nana's navy lamps silver. (I spray painted one of them silver, didn't like it, re spray painted it pewter, don't love it, so I bought rub-on metallic silver paint stuff...)

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Dorian said...

You are so crafty. I like your new blog design.