Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sad Vanity Bench Makeover--Part I

Here is the "Before" photo of the vanity bench, one of the pieces that I dug out of our barn last summer. I needed a bench of some sort in my bathroom to sit on while I put on makeup and to put magazines and stuff on during bubble baths, so I decided to try this one out.

I took it outside and sanded it (with a foam sanding block...what a fabulous invention!) and then wiped it down to get it ready for painting.

I had my dad cut out a new seat for it and reinforce it with some scraps he had laying around.

Here it is with the new seat--fits in perfectly!
I wanted to use the yellow Amy Butler fabric I have had lying around which has a gray and cream design on it. I couldn't find any gray paint (WHAT? its such a hot color right now! see, How to Decorate with Gray), so I decided to use primer and then cover it with a high gloss clear. Doesn't matter so much now since I want to change the color anyway, but at least its primed!
Here she is, all primed and ready to go. She looks SO MUCH better already, and you can see the pretty channel designs on the side whereas you didn't even notice them before because she was so scuffed up.

Check out Part II tomorrow for the upholstery and the finished product!

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