Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Great Grandfather's Church Pew

When Brett and I headed home for West Virginia to stay with my parents over the Fourth of July, we came home with a trailer full of misfit furniture from our family farm in Parkersburg. One of those pieces is my great-grandfather's church pew from the small town of Reedy, West Virginia. He was born in the 1880s and lived until I was 13 and he was 101. Apparently at some point, he heard his childhood church was getting rid of its pews at auction. I don't know if the church was being torn down, or if they were getting new pews, but he bought one and put it on his front porch at the farm. Here it is earlier this year.
We packed it in the trailer and brought it home and cleaned it (with buckets of lysol!), and a lot of the green paint started chipping off. I think it has a really cool weathered look now. Here it is on our back porch in Richmond--fits perfectly!

My mom made the relevant point that the pain on it is probably lead-based so we should be careful if we try to refinish it. For now we will probably just throw some cushions on it and enjoy the piece of family history. What do you guys think?

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