Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camelback Sofa Redux Part I

I am the proud new owner of this carved sofa. It was my great-grandparents, and I like the lines of it, so reupholstering it is going to be my new pet project.
I am so excited that I hardly know what to do with myself. There are so many things to consider, such as:
1.) Do I attempt the reupholstery myself, or send it out to a professional?
2.) If I do it myself, should I try to wing it from reading how-to's, or should I take an adult education class in the area?
3.) If I get it professionally done, should I have it done in WV (current couch location) where it will be cheaper, or should I have it done in Richmond where it is more convenient?
4.) Can I afford to have it professionally reupholstered?
5.) Yikes, this is a serious investment, so the fabric choice needs to be something timeless but not boring.
6.) There is the matter of the two club chairs that don't necessarily "match" the sofa but which are currently uphostered to match it.

I was up all night thinking about this stuff people! yikes!

Here is a link to another blogger who just went through the same thing with her couch which she named "sophie".


Gail said...

I haven't got my prescription pads yet, but perhaps I could just call in some Xanax for you :)
PS I am loving your HGTV projects- keep it coming. I will send you pics of our drywalling adventures!

jd said...

Dear Lord. Do it quick. make the pink black. in memory of MIchael we should do the fabric in black and silver sequins and leave the wood natural.

Lesley said...

Pet project? You mean one of 50 pet projects you have going on right now, hehe! Can't wait to see it all at your housewarming party!

###### said...

I cant wait!!!

Mom H said...

Comment on the couch reupholstering - it cost us $1200to have ours done five years ago - but it was worht the investment as the couch is old and solid. Reupholstering is very hard on your wrists and hands, and highly frustrating to do -though you displayed good work with the details on the seat for the stool. I would go with a fairly neutral color or pattern and dress it up with pillows, which are much easier to change when you move, paint the walls etc. Ours is the dominant pattern in the room and is not as flexible as I would like - even though I still love the material.

dee said...

Congrats on inheriting such a fabulous sofa, first of all! For me, the choice would be to wait until I've found the perfect fabric and then get it reupholstered professionally. I don't know how much you want to mess around with an antique, you know? Calico Corners has a good fabric selection...you might find something there that you like. And I'd make it the focal point of the room, since it's so fantastic. In other words, decorate around the couch, once you pick the fabric, etc. Good luck and have fun!!!