Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I think I have my life back...

So the last two days I have had to observe criminal trials in Yorktown and Gloucester that are related to civil litigation our firm has. I had an internship as a prosecutor in chesterfield when i was in law school, and i really enjoyed it. But i was kind of afraid I was bad at it because my mentor there didn't give me the best reviews--he said that I seemed kind of distracted or something (which was true because it was my last semester of law school and I was trying to get a lot of stuff finished up). But after watching the prosecutors, i really think it would enjoy it and could do it well.

this weekend was really odd because brett and I didnt have any wedding stuff to do. We went to the beach and I took a bubble bath and we slept in and went grocery shopping. I kind of didnt know what to dowith myself and felt sort of uneasy the whole time...la malaise existentielle. It was a very odd feeling to have free time and not know what to do with it!

We rented "21", which i REALLY didn't like because i was scared the whole time that they were going to get caught card counting and get beat up by the pit bosses. But I FINALLY did get to see Get Smart, which brought back all of the warm and fuzzy Nick at Nite memories of my childhood. How I long for a shoephone!

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