Friday, October 9, 2009

Trend--Happy Mod Owls

I know that sometimes owls can be creepy, but I have noticed lately that cute little owls are popping up all over the place! So I decided to compile the cutest examples of this trend that I could find for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

Toikka via Bed Bath & Beyond

via Pier One
Doorstop via Anthropologie

Clock via Etsy

Plushie Pillow via Etsy

Throw pillow via Etsy

Wall Decal via Etsy

Coasters via Etsy

Coin Bank via Target

Trivet via Target

Bookends via UnicaHome

Switch Cover via Anthropologie

THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! Sake Pot via Anthropologie

Creamer Pitcher via Urban Outfitters

Door Knocker via Urban Outfitters

Candle via Urban Outfitters

Throw Pillow via CB2

Has anyone embraced this trend? I think I might just have to pick up a cute little owl of my own...

1 comment:

Clarissa said...

Super cute! And, strangely, I now really want a tootsie pop. ;)