Monday, October 26, 2009

Dove Papercut Silhouettes

I thought these would be really cute as a present for a new baby or as a wedding present, depending on the colors.

They would be really easily personalized. For instance, on the pink ones, I could cut out the new baby girl's name above the baby bird, and then her birthday by the flower.

Yellow and gray is my favorite color combination at the moment...

For a bride and groom, it could be in their wedding colors, or in silver and blue.

Ok, are ya'll getting sick of papercuts yet?? I'm not!

I put these up in my Etsy shop last night! I am still so giddy that I have a shop, now I just have to sell that pathetic?

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EclecticSamya said...

I don't even remember the path I took to stumble upon your blog, but I'm glad I did! What a fabulous project! I love making things, and I might just have to try these paper cut out projects. Yours are beautifully done and you're right... it's a perfect gift :) I have a few birthdays coming up... might just have to visit your Etsy shop ;) Thanks for the post and lovely job!