Friday, October 2, 2009

Lonny Magazine is finally up and running!

I am desperately hoping that Lonny will be everything I have desperately hoped for since the death of Domino. It was as stylish and glossy as House Beautiful and as affordable and creative as Better Homes and Gardens with the edginess of Lucky. Happily, some of the editors of the now-defunct Domino have gotten together with some new blood (no, not True Blood, heehee) to create Lonny Magazine!

The only thing that gives me pause is that it is an exclusively online publication. This is cool because it is free and environmentally responsible. This is less cool because it doesn't arrive in my mailbox every month with my name on it in its glossy and tactile glory. I am a proud and self-proclaimed bibliophile who has not embraced Kindle and probably never will...but we shall see, no?

Upon my first peruse, my impression was that its going to be inspirational. Please check it out for yourself at Might I suggest you choose "magazine view" under the layout tab and then hit "full screen" for the best viewing experience.

I pulled this picture because I think I can DIY my grandmother's lamps into something closely resembling this v. chic table lamp. They are currently bronze and midnight blue. YAY!

Like I said, inspiration!

I also love this chandelier. We have an awful bronze builder-grade light fixture in our dining room, and i have been wanting to COVER it with seed beads. I really love that this one has been covered in beads, but also the extra ring of beading was added to further embellish it.

A couple of weeks of unemployment? HERE I COME!!

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Jenny said...

speaking of inspiration, thanks to your blog, i have become a staple-gun wielding crafter. I recovered our kitchen chairs today, and i'm pretty sure i'm making some wall hangings using fabric in the near future. i like projects that make a big impact and require minimal artistic skill...staple gun crafting is perfect! i'll send you some pictures!