Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tree Papercut Silhouettes

This first one is more traditional in color, but I kept it a little more modern by making the white kind of pearly rather than flat.

This silhouette is placed over a watercolor doodle I did. I think if I keep doing papercuts, this is the direction I will go.
The next two are winter trees--I chose the blue-gray and silver because I thought it was more elegant and winter-themed, but I think I might do a couple more in gold and green and red for Christmas.

These are the last papercut silhouettes for a little while people, I'll give it a rest! These are also available on Etsy.


Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

I love the second one, Charlotte! I think your paper cuts are looking really fab. Keep it up!

EclecticSamya said...

You've made more! How lovely!

Haha and by the way, my finger JUST healed... that part is still really sensitive though. Oh the things we do ;)