Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Switching Out Our Kitchen Faucet

For those of you who have been to Brett's and my house, you probably already have had a frustrating encounter with our faucet. For those of you who haven't, here is the dillyo:

When we first moved in, it leaked. drip. drip. drip.

Brett tried to take it apart and tighted and replace things, and was partially successful. It dripped when it wasn't positioned precisely at 7:35 on its axis.

This was apparently so annoying to our neighbors Bill and Amy, that they donated a faucet to eliminate the problem!

Here you can see the old faucet in place, and the new one waiting to be installed.

The first VERY important step to installing a new faucet is to TURN OFF THE WATER at the source under the sink. Otherwise your sink will imitate a fire hydrant being flushed when you take the hardware out. No one wants a flooded kitchen!

The next step is to take the directions out of the box, and scoff at them. Thanks for the visual B!

Here is a picture of the type of wrench you use to undo the joints. You put one on either side of the joint, then turn them in opposite directions to loosen the parts. You want to do this in reverse when you put the new one in. It helps you get EXTRA force in there so the new one won't leak.

Here is Brett mumbling "righty tighty, lefty loosy..."

A panoramic view of the disaster area that was our kitchen! Another very important step is to clear everything out from under your sink so that you can put your head in there. Just please don't confuse your sink with your oven. Watch where you put your head people!

Brett proudly displays his trophy... the old faucet. YAY! And the kitchen is not flooded!
Then you essentially do the whole thing in reverse, and VOILA! Below Brett demonstrates our brand new (to us) faucet!

Look at that water flowing freely into the sink! I am pleased to announce that our faucet no longer leaks if not positioned at 7:35. When turned on, we get water pressure that spurts from the faucet with reckless abandon. When turned off, the water ceases promptly!

Ahhh its the little things in life!

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Lari said...

yay!!!! congratulations!! great handy work brett =)