Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow, I can’t believe I am back at work. This weekend was really productive, and also, amazingly, relaxing! I was so freaked out that I would forget to take something home to WV for the final wedding planning meetings, but everything worked out great! We got everything nailed down with the florist, the country club, the ministers, the bridal boutique, the salon, party rental place, and the marriage license. AND we had time to lay around on the back porch, hang out with my parents and my brother, play with the dog, and make banana waffles for breakfast before we left. Its so much harder to go home with an 8 hour drive each way than a 6 hour drive though...can’t wait until I am back in Richmond for good!

I missed Odin so much, and he is soooo sweet, and I can’t wait to get a house so that Brett and I can get a dog. They are just so funny and stress relieving and they don’t even have to try! For instance, I think I laughed all the stress in my body away watching Odin chase a fly around my parent’s bedroom. It was the freakin funniest thing I had seen in a long time because of his intense concentration and his vaulting over their bed while he chomped the air. He never caught the fly, and even after mom killed it, Odin kept going up to their room for the next day to find it.

Alex got a job as a lifeguard, and I am very proud of him! I don’t understand why he didn’t do it years ago. He also took an art class this last semester and he was showing me all of his charcoal drawings–Keep it up Al! Alex is going to meet up with Fabian [hereinafter "Fabs"] in Europe for a few days, and he is going sailing on Lake Lucern, traveling all over Switzerland, probably Austria, and maybe Spain. So jealous! I meant to take my 2 Euro coin to him left over from when I was in Paris, since its probably worth like $40 by now, but I forgot. Drat!

My wedding dress still fits me perfectly (yay for not gaining weight, boo for not trimming up!), and I found shoes I love. Mom is letting me wear our family heirloom diamond necklace. I also really liked my make up, but not my hair. hmmmm
what to do, what to do? Mom thinks that I should pull it up from my ears rather than my temples--do any of you have any input?
I want to hear about everyone’s Memorial Day weekends–I hope you all had a relaxing and fun holiday! I miss you all and can’t wait to see everyone at the wedding!!

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