Friday, May 30, 2008

Personality/Morality Test

I found this interesting self-assessment online. Read the story below, then rank the four characters in order of most moral and honest to least moral and honest, in your opinion. Then go to, find the list that matches yours, and read about yourself. So interesting!

"The Sheriff of Nottingham captured Little John and Robin Hoodand imprisoned them in his maximum-security dungeon. Maid Marionbegged the Sheriff for their release, pleading her love forRobin.The Sheriff agreed to release them only if Maid Marion spent thenight with him. To this she agreed.The next morning the Sheriff released his prisoners. Robin atonce demanded that Marion tell him how she persuaded the Sheriffto let them go free.Marion confessed the truth, and was bewildered when Robin abusedher, calling her a slut, and saying that he never wanted to seeher again.At this Little John defended her, inviting her to leave Sherwoodwith him and promising life-long devotion. She accepted andthey rode away together."


Allison said...

oooo that's a good one. apparently i value kindness and try to live by my ideals.

about the hair... i think i might go with elaine and pull more up. and i think it's silly to make your hair dark just so it stands out from your dress. i say do what makes you happy :)

Mason said...

Wow. I didn't take that seriosuly at first and was just scrollling through. Then I went back and thought about it and I think it was very interesting (and probably quite accurate)! What did you pick?