Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scouting at Nags Head

Yesterday Brett and I went down to Nags Head for the day to go to the beach. It was so great to find out that its about an hour and a half away. It was still to cold to get in the water, but the beach was SOOO nice, and not touristy like it is here. We packed a picnic lunch, and watched the lifeguards train on dummies, and there was a girl scout luau right next to us which was hilarious. They were doing the limbo, which made me think of Ashley of course because she was our brownie scout limbo champion! I totally wanted to play with them, but instead I just decided to prove to brett that I could still do cartwheels and a standing backbend...the only problem with the backbend was that once I dropped down into it, I couldnt get up!! haha. :-p We went to play mini golf after that, and then we went to Mama Kwan's, which was yummy as my coworker Natalie promised. I can't wait to go back in June for the bachelorette party because they have themed drinks, and for each one they have a matching cup you get to take home. I am SO ordering Louie the monkey drink so that I can drink out of a monkey all night! We got fish tacos, which had this delicious sauce on them that I think was just coconut milk and lime juice, and there were amazing asian maranated cucumbers on the side...mmmm....
Then we raced home to norfolk, because my friend Jessie graduated from Med School yesterday and she was having a barbeque at her house to celebrate. But on the way home we stopped at a farmer's market and got some LOCAL strawberries. OMG. heaven! Jessie's sister got her a tiffany's pendant necklace and on the back it was engraved "do no harm." I thought that was the best present EVER for a med school grad! Brett couldn't make it because he had a headache after being out in the sun all day, so poor Darren was stuck there while we talked all about wedding stuff (he and amy just got engaged) and babies, etc. Darren, Brett says he is sorry!!

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