Thursday, May 8, 2008

Miss Bimbo

I am sadly completely addicted. To Miss Bimbo, the virtual fashion game.
That's my bimbo on the left with the yellow purse.
I intially decided to check it out because I was reading an article about this scandal where little girls were logging onto the website and 1) getting their dolls boob jobs, 2) having their dolls take diet pills, and 3) spending thousands of dollars on their parents paypal accounts buying their bimbos stuff like clothes and makeup. Parents were irate, and demanding that the site be taken down. Naturally, being the feminist/libertarian that I am, I was confused and wanted to check it out. I signed up for a free account to investigate. I came to the conclusion that people are morons if they let their kids use the internet unsupervised anyway, so its their own fault if their kids learn that enormous boobs are the feminine idea, and why do their kids have their paypal passwords anyway? In the meantime, I can't stop!!! I love living vicariously through my bimbo's fabulously simple, silly life. Challenging other bimbos, looking for a boyfriend at the club who will give me a bigger allowance, attempting to raise my IQ so that I can quit my job as a baker and start as a hairdresser...this is the life...

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