Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peach Sangria

1 bottle of sweet red wine per 2 oz. brandy
gobs and gobs of peaches and oranges

1. Chop up all the fruit. You want to make sure the pieces are small enough that you can pour them easily into your wine glass.
2. Soak the cut fruit in the brandy preferably overnight.
3. Add one bottle of sweet red wine to the fruit and brandy per 2 oz. of brandy

Chopping up peaches

Adding the peaches to the oranges which were already in the liquid. We added some halved grapes and pieces of apple for good measure.

Pouring in my dad's Blackberry Cabernet...Dad, its PERFECT for sangria!

Look at that beautiful peachy golden color. Unfortunately it was gone before I got to take a picture of it in the glass!

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jd said...

Very nice. Love seeing that label.