Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Hibiscus, Hibby, BLOOMED!!!!

This is hibiscus tree that Brett adopted from a college roommate who couldn't keep it anymore. That means it's at least 6 years old, probably older. The problem is that it never blooms! Until now!

I know for a fact that it lost all of its leaves in 2007, and was left nothing but a stick trunk and a bunch of twiggy branches.

Then we moved to Norfolk and I convinced Brett to let me at it with the scissors and Hibby lost about 2/3 of her woody growth. In 2008 there was one bloom (!) but we missed it because we were out of town for Easter.

But it turns out that she loves our backyard!

(Those are my begonias underneath--I <3>

Has anyone else had a case of a finicky hibiscus? My mom keeps hers in the steamy, warm, and bright master bathroom where they bloom up a storm. Any advice on how to keep her in blooms?

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Dave said...

I definitely revived hibby from the brink early on in her life with us - a complete prune job and then she flourished. I am fairly certain they will only bloom if outdoors and in full sun, or maybe, maybe if they are by a window that gets crazy sunlight.