Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Add Risers to Your Stairs


Measure the space between each tread, and between the last tread and the floor. * Do NOT assume each space is the same. * They may have been at one time but over the years the wood warped, or (as in our case) they might be very very close but off by 1/4 inch on each stair.
BREAK--Run to lumberyard and pick up some pine boards. We wanted the treads to overhang slightly over the risers, but you can choose to make them flush. We marked each board and numbered them according to which space they would fit into.

Then pound each board into the space with a hammer. It should be a tight fit, but we had to plane the edges of a few boards to make them fit.

Then put about 2 nails on each end of the board, attaching them to the vertical pieces of wood that make up the stair frame.
Make sure your puppy supervises from a safe distance.
Repeat for each step.
Then sit proudly at the top and smile about how much better your mudroom looks!We plan to paint the stairs as soon as we are done with the drywall!

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