Monday, August 24, 2009

Game Inspired Decor

Ya'll know I love a theme. And seeing as Brett and I registered for board games and yard games for our wedding presents, WE LOVE PLAYING GAMES!! I just think a party's not a party without some good-natured competition. So I decided to combine my love of games and themes to post on game-inspired home decor!

First off we have this horseshoe wine rack! I think its just enough country-western style without being tacky (ummm unless you already have antlers on your wall or something). PLUS the horseshoes are placed the right way so the luck doesn't run out. :-)(Cabin Fever Gifts)

I ALWAYS wanted to be the dog in monopoly, (and if that was taken, the shoe, natch). Wouldn't this giant monebags pooch be an adorable paperweight for a like-minded monopoly fan?

This is an idea I love from the now-defunct Blueprint Magazine. The basic idea is to scan in a playing card and have it blow up to poster size. The one they use in this photo is apretty traditional card design, which is what makes it identifiable. (If they had chosen some novelty card like puppies it might not have made sense next to the three of clubs.) I think its interesting how intricate the design is on the playing card, but it never really gets appreciated as art.
(Blueprint via

This is a playful take on the trend of putting words up as art. I'm sure you've seen the now trite "Bistro" signs for your kitchen, etc. This would be so cute in a rec room, or in a scrabble-lover's space! My inlaws are crazy scrabble players--they have taught me that a big vocabulary is NOT what is necessary to win at scrabble! You can custom order these tiles to say anything you want, and the are only about $6 per tile!

This is a great idea for a rustic centerpiece in the summertime if you have some old croquet balls laying around. How cute would this be on a back porch or at a summer house by a lake?

But if you don't have the real thing, here are some preppy drapery rods with croquet ball finnials! I think these would be nice in a little boy's room.
(Bed Bath & Beyond)

This is a giant domino. You can order them with any combination of dots, and I think they would be very chic on a wall displayed with family photos in a gallery-style installation. I think I saw something like that a few years ago in a pottery barn catalogue, but I couldn't find the picture of that anywhere. Anyway, imagine 5 of these on a wall painted a saturated color.


In researching this post, I came across a website called Its kind of hilarious, and you can get extra large ANYTHING there. I highly recommend a visit for entertainment and possble halloween costume ideas! Among their cache of giant items are these huge jacks which are really modern as bookends! I have NO idea who selected the CDs used in their display, however. Try to block those CDs out of your mind and imagine them used in a bookshelf, built-ins, or in a modern display or entertainment center.

And finally, we have this Bocce Ball lamp that has been making waves in the blogosphere since being featured on Apartment Therapy. A lot of people don't know you can make a lamp out of ANYTHING with a lamp kit and a little ingenuity, and I think this would be super cute made out of bocce balls, baseballs, softballs, tennis balls, whatever. Brett would love a lamp like this made out of baseballs--unfortunately, he doesn't have a man cave to display it in! Maybe his office by the framed Red Sox newspaper article?
(Apartment Therapy)

Obviously I wouldn't put all of these in the same room, but I think one or two of them in your house would show off your personality and hobbies and add a punch of fun! Do you think any of these are really horrible?? Do you have any decoration inspired by your favorite games?

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