Friday, June 24, 2011

Poltergeist OR How Dominion Power Skeered the Little Green Kittens Out of Me

B and I are happily getting ready to warm up some blueberry muffins left over from the weekend first thing Monday morning. The coffee is done brewing (thank god). Then all of a sudden--FLASH, FLASH, FLASH, *powering down noise*. The scent of electricity (that makes your little nose hairs tingle) fills the air, followed by burning plastic.

No folks, our house was not built over a native american cemetery, so I immediately decided the wisest thing to do was cut off the power to the entire house and call George the electrician. Before breakfast. I asked him if he dealt in electrical mysteries, and happily he agreed to come out to our house on an emergency basis at 10am.

It turns out that the neutral wire from the transformer to our house broke, and that happens to be the one that regulates how fast power comes into your house.

After the utilities man came out, dug in our yard, dug in our neighbor's yard, and replaced the wire, here is what we ended up with:

NO oven (new, thankfully still under warranty)
NO microwave.
No bedroom TV
No cable
No internet
No bluray player
No dvd player
No fan in the bedroom

Thank the lord the power surge fairy did not bother our a/c, fridge or freezer or some heads wouldabeen rollin.

So the Fios people are coming out to look fix our cable/internet this afternoon, and GE is coming to fix the oven Monday.

George the electrician called me back Monday night and said, "well sweetie, you make'em pay for that!"

Here is one time when that Bar card will actually come in handy!



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