Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dog Crate Cover for Mack

Allow me to introduce you again to Mack, our rescue dachsund/border collie/who knows what sweetie. He sleeps in a crate in our room at night, and loves it to be covered with blankets like his personal little cave. It kind of reminds me of when you were little and wanted a fort under the kitchen table.

Here is a "before" photo of his crate with blankets draped over it per his liking. HOWEVER, not to my liking! I think it looked so sloppy and we needed our blankets back. (Don't worry, he normally has a pillow in there to sleep in, it was just in the wash when I took these pictures.)

So I decided to sew something nice and tailored to cover it up in a little bit of neater fashion. Voila the finished product:

I picked out this really cute, thick black and white dog-print fabric from our local fabric outlet U-fab, and went to town with the sewing machine.

I measured the back, sides, and top of the crate, and leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around, I pieced it together and pinned it right-sides together.

Here you can see it partially done, with the back and top sewed together and one side pinned on.

And here is the almost-finished product: at that point I just had to sew it into a 3D shape. I left off the front so he could see out.

Then I hemmed all the way around the edges...

Here the crate is all nekked:

And here it is as the finished product.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't know the difference but I think it looks so much cleaner. The basket on the top is where we store his and Lolly's treats, brushes, etc. She sleeps on a dog bed on the floor (not so much of a fan of the crate as her brother!)

It was super easy! Let me know if anybody wants one as a christmas gift!



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Thanks Mom! MACK