Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ongoing projects goal--MET!

Well, we decided to go ahead with the bookshelf project, AND I GOT 12 of the PROJECTS DONE!!! That was pretty darn close to my goal of 13, no?

1. Replace overhead fixture in art/spare room.
2. Finish painting art/spare room.
3. Finish painting guest room.
4. Add homemade diffuser to bottom of drum shade a la here.
5. Sew cute dog crate cover.
6. Sew waterproof covers for outdoor furniture
7. Make unflattering Forever 21 dress into pretty skirt
8. Finish blanket for project linus
9. Finish chocolate brown crocheted pillow cover I blogged about
10. Turn all of my stretchy crew neck gap tshirts into Vnecks
11. Totally redo shoe storage
12. Revamp weird hexagonal lamp/table from For the Love of Jesus Thrift
13. Buy new knobs for my bathroom
14. Turn huge candle from TJ Maxx into pretty wooden fruit bowl
15. Revamp necklace storage
16. Make wedding shadowbox
17. Restore antique pew
18. Add handle to freestanding Ikea Pax pantry for laundry room
19. Replace hideous kitchen cabinet hardware
20. Attach legs and casters to storage ottomans to fit under our trestle table
21. Add magnetic closure to antique vanity drawer
22. Reupholster vanity bench
23. Finish subway art
24. Turn large body painting into tryptich.
25. Turn brass sections of Nana's navy lamps silver.

You guys have already seen the dog crate cover and the necklace holder, but I have a lot more to blog about now! I crossed off a couple of them, even though the project kind of morphed. For instance, I got the brass parts of the lamps covered, but am totally not satisfied with the look. So the project is technically "done" per my earlier goal, but to B's dissatisfaction it is still taking up the dining room table because I don't like how it turned out. More about that later.

I didn't add the casters to the ottomans...but I did buy decorative upholstery nails to add to them as well...so that project got bigger instead of done.

Also, I didn't exactly add magnetic closure to the vanity drawer...instead, I had my dad take a look at it and he said adding the closure might decrease the value of the antique. So instead he removed some little stop blocks someone had added to the inside of the drawer along its life, and greased up the current hardware, and it works like a charm.

ANYWAY...The BOOKSHELVES LOOK AMAZING!!! We went with Hemnes from Ikea, three without doors and two with, and they fit perfectly along the wall. We haven't "styled" them yet, but I am just so happy that there are no longer books EVERYWHERE.

Sorry no pictures today, but I promise some juicy ones soon.



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