Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September To-Do List

I have decided to make my "To-Do" list entry from August and the follow up post monthly regulars. So here it is for September!

1. Make More Art--I was inspired last month to put together a new space for my art, so now I want to use it!

2. Finish reupholstering those chairs from last month!

3. MUDROOM: Pick out a paint color plan for the walls of the mudroom--I am going with blue but not sure which one yet

4. MUDROOM: Paint the walls and stairs

5. Drop by Ikea for some photo frames when I head up to DC this weekend, and check out all of their new stuff

6. Upholster and paint random bench/stool from last month

7. Restore Fruit Grower's table from last month


9. Pick up some pretty mums for my front stoop

This summer has been hectic...and there are only so many more warm days to relish...sigh

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