Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Hang an Eclectic Gallery-Style Photo Display

In preparation for our summery housewarming party, Brett and I had to actually unpack some boxes we still had laying around. Among the things in those boxes were many framed photos of friends and family. We don't have enough room in the house to sit these all out on tables, etc, so we decided to hang them on the wall. In a perfect Pottery Barn world, all of the frames would match and we would look OH SO PUT-TOGETHER, but this isn't a perfect world people!! We have a motley collection of frames to deal with!

Here is our collection of mismatched frames, just out of the moving box:

The first step to making an eclectic arrangement is to trace each and every one of your frames and indicate on the paper whether you want the frame to be hung horizontally or vertically. Then cut each one out. I used some tissue paper I had laying around, but old paper grocery bags would world equally well.

Then tape the traced images up on the wall.

This is the fun part people! You can try as many things out as you want, take photos of your favorites, and then pick which one you like best. One tip is to try to stay inside one large shape or pattern. For instance, imagine a very large rectangle or square on the wall and make sure you stay within those boundaries. That will help your arrangement look cohesive and avoid the haphazard approach.

This is what I ended up with.

Then ask your tall and long-armed hubby to put the pictures up in place of the traced pieces of paper!

Thank you long-armed hubby!

The finished product!

Do any of you have an eclectic display like ours? What about any perfect pottery barn ones? Please share!


Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

This looks so great, Charlotte! I have a bunch of "perfect" Pottery Barn frames that I registered for for the wedding, but I've seen so many eclectic frame displays that I love that I might just go return them! I love your idea of tracing the frames & then playing around with the paper display to get it where you want it. And relaxing with your feedback while Mr Long Arms does the work! :)

And in case you really don't like the eclecticism, I've seen some great pics of people who spray painted their frames the same color. The texture & style are still different, but it ties everything together. Looks really cute!

Lari said...

yay! it looks fantastic! great work charlotte! =)