Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Kitchen Update Begins!

We are going to update our kitchen--I hesitate to say "renovate" since we aren't tearing down walls and are keeping quite a bit as is. I don't actually know how this normally frugal husband actually got the ball rolling (whaaaa???), and I am not one to argue! I don't want to take any pictures yet, because we have only just gotten started, but here is a sneak peak!

This is the lovely new range that replaced our 25 year-old bisque one. Our old oven didn't really broil as much as set off all the smoke detectors in the house, and it had old electric heating elements that were a real pain to keep clean. I am SOOOO looking forward to this spill-proof ceramic top. It also has a warming burner and a quick boil burner.

Here is our new dishwasher!!!! I think it looks kind of like a spaceship. It actually cleans the dishes, is quiet, and has its own built-in disposal. Did I mention it is shiny?

So we have installed the dishwasher and oven/range, but everything else is the same right now. I like to say our appliances look like the Jetsons and the rest of the kitchen still looks like the Brady Bunch. :-)

And here is the BEAUTIFUL new granite countertops we have ordered! They called to say they have started fabricating it, but we don't know yet when it will come in. I am personally quite excited about doing the demo on our old counters which are stained and also "bisque."

Once we get the new countertop installed, then I am going to take a long hard look at our cabinets and decide whether they just need new handles, or whether I want to paint them a clean and glossy white. We are for SURE getting new pulls though, as the ones we have are HIDEOUS. *shudder* I have already started taking the old ones off, and I like the cabinets much more already.

More kitchen updates as they come!

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Courtney said...

I love the granite countertop! Good luck finishing the project!!