Thursday, February 10, 2011

I NEED my old couch to look like this!

Some of you may remember a loooooong time ago, I posted about an old couch I want to reupolster. Here she is:

I saw a similar couch in an old domino magazine that the editor had hauled back all the way from a Paris flee market! I don't know if you can see the pretty carvings along the bottom, but trust me: she has good bones.

Low and behold, I came across this photo on Design Sponge, and my heart all but stopped beating...

via Design Sponge

The fabric is Cole & Sons' "Woods," which is also available as wallpaper in a bunch of colorways. I neeeeed my couch to look this beautiful. Glossy black oil paint on the wood trim, sophisticated Walden Pond on the cushions. I would love it forever! Now, where can I get that fabric and how much is it going to cost me???


Lari said...

Hi Charlotte!!

i LOVE your blogs you have been posting about your house. So fun and so interesting! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me Miss Charlotte. So I'm on my lunchbreak and just went searching for where you might be able to buy that Woods fabric you wanted for your couch. I read through some comments that people posted about the wallpaper version of that image and found this lady who sells it. She has a store in Chicago that sells both the wallpaper and the fabric (so she says). I tried to look throught he website, but I didn't see it...seems though that they have a very limited supply of things listed on the website but I bet you could contact her and find out more.

I hope it helps!


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