Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dreadful Pink Chair Makeover-- Part 2

Remember that time, last August, when I was going to reupholster 4 chairs?? Just in case you've forgotten, Here is Part I. And just to jog your memory, here is a picture of what the chairs looked like after we hauled them out of the hayloft:

When I last blogged about the chairs, I left you with four different fabric choices for the new upholstery. Here are the newly painted black chairs with the fabric choices displayed. Ummmm yeah...I didn't pick any of them!

I ended up falling in love with Patricia, one of Ikea's fabrics. I picked up two yards of it for a whopping $16.00! Here it is on the Ikea website (although its only available in-store):

And here it is draped over the chair on a pillow to see what it would look like. Actually, here it is draped over the chair in three different directions...

First we have horizontal:
Then vertical:

And finally, the big winner, DIAGNONAL!!
So I know I made you all vote and wavered and waffled...well its because none of those fabrics were meant to be! Stay tuned for the final upholstery tomorrow! (I love me some good suspense!)

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