Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alternatives Ideas to Traditional Christmas Wreaths

The traditional Christmas wreath has me bored to tears. There are plenty of fun wreaths out there made of everything from oranges to birdseed to ornaments, but those tend to be expensive. I started wondering...what kinds of door decorations are out there for those of us who want a wreath alternative?

Here's what I dug up:

I love the idea of vinyl decals on your door for some Christmas Spirit! This one says "Welcome Santa" but there are plenty of others out there that say other things or are pictoral.
Urban Expressions via Etsy

This is a fun DIY take on a wreath: a giant homemade snowflake!
Supersnowflake via Family Fun

I also like the idea of hanging a wooden sign like the snowman below.
Via Squidoo

This one is what I actually did to MY front door this year--wrap it up like a present! My ribbon is candy-cane striped and I think its absolutely adorable. I did this for windows too years ago at my parents house.
via Hubpages

I think this one is the most creative. If you did it on your front door, you would have to have a clear storm door or something to keep the cards from blowing away. I never know what to do with Christmas cards, and this is a great idea. Just pin them onto some ribbons and hang them from your door to display!
via Country Living

Does anyone else out there have any ideas for those of us who have had it with boring old wreaths? Please share! Even send me a picture of your beautifully-decked-out house and I will post it!

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE the last idea. I have a bunch of holiday ribbon that my grandmother gave me a long time ago - it's been sitting in one of my Christmas decorations boxes for years. Now I know what I'll use it for! I already have a Christmas wreath on the front of the door, so I think I'll decorate the back of the door with ribbon and cards. Thanks, CD!