Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why We Needed Bookshelves

So we finally went ahead with the planned wall-to-wall bookshelf project! But before I unveil the results, I want to show you WHY it was so necessary. This is embarassing. Please don't call the producers of Hoarders...

We had books in the guest room next to the bed,

and in the guest room against another wall,

and in the art room (I couldn't even really get to these!),

and in the office,

and next to our bed,

and on the landing at the top of the stairs,

and in the dining room,

and next to the tv in the den,

and finally in the living room!
The living room is now the home of ALL the books, which is super useful when someone says "Charlotte, can I borrow that one book about that one thing that you keep raving about?" because I no longer have to scrounge around the whole house and run up and down the stairs to find said book.


please don't call Hoarders...


Brett said...

Sorry. I just couldn't help myself. I called Hoarders.

Courtney said...

I think they look great!! Well worth a day's work.