Friday, May 27, 2011

Ongoing projects--update!

Ok, here is my progress on my Ongoing project post from last week:

1. Replace overhead fixture in art/spare room.
2. Finish painting art/spare room.
3. Finish painting guest room.
4. Add homemade diffuser to bottom of drum shade a la here.
5. Sew cute dog crate cover
6. Sew waterproof covers for outdoor furniture
7. Make unflattering Forever 21 dress into pretty skirt
8. Finish blanket for project linus
9. Finish chocolate brown crocheted pillow cover I blogged about
10. Turn all of my stretchy crew neck gap tshirts into Vnecks
11. Totally redo shoe storage (PROGRESS--I picked up the last shelf at Ikea!)
12. Revamp weird hexagonal lamp/table from For the Love of Jesus Thrift (PROGRESS--I finished painting and clear coating it, but the fabric I bought to cover the shade didn't work, so I had to get another one)
13. Buy new knobs for my bathroom
14. Turn huge candle from TJ Maxx into pretty wooden fruit bowl
15. Revamp necklace storage
16. Make wedding shadowbox
17. Restore antique pew
18. Add handle to freestanding Ikea Pax pantry for laundry room
19. Replace hideous kitchen cabinet hardware
20. Attach legs and casters to storage ottomans to fit under our trestle table
21. Add magnetic closure to antique vanity drawer
22. Reupholster vanity bench
23. Finish subway art
24. Turn large body painting into tryptich.
25. Turn brass sections of Nana's navy lamps silver.

So 4 finished projects in a week isn't bad right? At least I am making progress! Unfortunately my goal was 13 by the time we start doing the shelving, but I am SO CLOSE to finishing #25, #20, #19, #18, #14, #13, #12, and #11 that I think I can at LEAST get close to my goal!

On the bright side, one reason I had such a long period with no posts was because I didn't actually have anything done--now there should be a deluge!

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