Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to: Cute Custom Magnets

One of my major goals starting this new job has been organization and starting new systems to keep things that way. One thing I got to help us out has been a whiteboard. There are three of us, and I split the board into 3 columns so that we can all see what we have on our plates. Little did I know that the new whiteboards they are making are fun is that?? Our whiteboard didn't come with any magnets, but I didn't just want to use anything.

So I started shopping for magnets. I loved these...

Thirty-seven dollars?? For magnets?? no thanks!

I also liked these little crown ones, but they were almost $4 each.

So I decided to run over to Michael's to see if I could make my own.

I found these plain magnets for $2, and these little beads for 99cents a pair.
Glued the beads to the magnets,

And viola! Easy, custom magnets that are so much more chic and pleasing to look at than industrial ones they sell at the office store!

And now for some hot cocoa and bailey's, and watching the snow...

(and yes, some lawyers like to knit...)

**the names and information listed on the whiteboard above are in no way representative of our actual clients, and have been listed soley for the purpose of illustrating how the board is used**

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Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

Those first clear ones? They are SUPER easy (and CHEAP) to make. You use clear flat sided "marbles", which are usually found in the craft department at Dollar Tree, the floral/candle/frames area at Walmart, or in the floral area at Michaels, for under $3 total at any of those places.

Then, you get sheets of magnet at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels, and decorate either by painting or drawing on the flat side of the stone, or on the magnet surface.

From there, use a clear drying glue to attach the magnet to the stone. Let dry, and viola- a set of customized magnets, super cheap!